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Technical assistance for installations maintenance is the most economic saving tool. We provide maintenance companies tools to save money in their maintenance works...

Mediterraneo Ingenieros has a team of technicians with more than 10 years experience in the maintenance technical assistance field that knows all possible problems that may come out in non supervised maintenance jobs and the right solutions so the maintenance efficiency turns into economic saving for the client as well as an quality service improvement in the installations.

Maintenance companies, usually, are hired at a low price for the services they provide. In any selection process for these companies, the 50% falls into a financial proposal, thus to guarantee a good service is necessary to carry out technical a financial supervision tasks for the maintenance companies.

Maintenance efficiency affects to:

  • High energy consumption, low performance and expenses.
  • Breakdown increases that mean fixing expenses.
  • Low quality service of the installations. As the number of breakdowns increase, poor quality service is provided, user unease increases and productivity falls down.
  • Decrease of installations life, what means replace them for new ones.
  • Pollutants and waste materials increase due to fixing jobs.


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