Registrated company at IDAE.

Site management from the experience, perfectionism and quality compromise.

Mediterráneo Ingenieros has a large experience in site management jobs, developed by us, as well as Project developed by other engineering companies.

Our experience allows us to supervise the correct work execution according to the installations project and the good performance, as well as controlling the good quality of materials installed. We can provide versatility in the execution adapting the installations when necessary and solving every problem that may come up, defending always the project quality, as well as its execution cost.

Due we perform technical assistance tasks and maintenance control, we are completely aware of the future needs to carry out a correct performance of the installations, so we make sure that start ups are done properly with al the necessary accessibility and documentation following always the general procedure according to the quality management.

Our experience covers site management of:

  • Industrial production.
  • Service industries.
  • Industrial premises.
  • Electrical installations (High , medium and low voltage)
  • Photovoltaic and renewable energy.
  • Electrical distribution.
  • Distribution transformers.
  • Hospital installations.
  • Museums, conference rooms, shopping centers.
  • Laboratories
  • Telecommunications: structured cabling, wireless, phone net and P.A. system
  • Sanitary water
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • High pressure devices.
  • Regulation and control systems
  • Legalization of facilities and environmental legalization
  • Gases and fuels.
  • Fire protection

Energy Efficiency

Mediterráneo ingenieros is an ESE/ESCO company (Energy Service Company) registrated at IDAE ...more...

Technical Assistance

Mediterraneo Ingenieros has a team of technicians with more than 10 years experience in the maintenance technical assistance field that knows all possible problems that may come out in non supervised maintenance jobs...more....