Registrated company at IDAE.

Mediterraneo Ingenieros SA is and engineering company with a team of high qualified technicians covering a wide range of installations and services since 1.991

Established in Valencia, Mediterraneo Ingenieros' team, formed by multi-disciplined technicians in different fields, covers all possible installations to be developed either on new buildings or existing buildings. We design the installations aiming not only to adjust them to the client needs but also to comply the current regulation and energy efficiency due the clear benefit and saving that a good management of the energy will yield to clients and society.

With a long career, Mediterraneo Ingenieros offers the following services since 1.991:

We apply to every project our extensive professional experience, the current regulation and we advise about regulations to be applied in the near future.

Mediterraneo Ingenieros has quality certifications ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 that we integrate into our work procedure which translates into quality and clients satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency

Mediterráneo ingenieros is an ESE/ESCO company (Energy Service Company) registrated at IDAE ...more...

Direcciones de obra

Mediterráneo Ingenieros has a large experience in site management jobs, developed by us, as well as Project developed by other engineering companies. more...