Registrated company at IDAE.

The legalization of installations is the final stage in any engineering job.

The legalization of installations is the last step in the technical process of any installations project either in new buildings or remodelling. In order to comply the current regulation it is necessary to legalize either if valid certificates or additional projects to register the installation into the authorities files.

For a correct legalization it is necessary to know which is the current regulation to be applied, all the details about the installation to be legalized, to gather all the information concerning the installation, companies involved and all institutions where the documents have to be handed..

A good execution of all these formalities will avoid problems with institutions that may translate into fines or closing of the installations with the consequent financial repercussion.

A correct legalization will end with providing the clients with a well structured documentation that will be necessary for any legal process, future extensions, subventions, etc....


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