Registrated company at IDAE.

We have specialized technicians with a long career experience forming a solid team for more than 10 years.

Mediterraneo Ingenieros' multi-disciplined team has been developing projects for more than 10 years, applying their knowledge, experience, know how and the quality system to carry out projects in order to meet the clients needs in an efficient way.

Our experience covers project development of:

  • Industrial production
  • Industrial premises.
  • Electrical installations (High , medium and low voltage)
  • Photovoltaic and renewable energy.
  • Electrical distribution.
  • Distribution transformers.
  • Hospital installations.
  • Laboratories of investigation.
  • Telecommunications: structured cabling, wireless, phone net and P.A. system
  • Sanitary water and water treatment.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • High pressure devices.
  • Regulation and control systems
  • Fire protection
  • Legalization of facilities and environmental legalization
  • Gases and fuels.


Mediterráneo Ingenieros has a large experience in site management jobs, developed by us, as well as Project developed by other engineering companies...more...

Energy Efficiency

Mediterráneo ingenieros is an ESE/ESCO company (Energy Service Company) registrated at IDAE ...more...